Short Film (16 B and W) 1988

In a series of brilliantly choreographed long takes, Srinivas Krishna’s first film follows the downward spiral of an ambitious young professional who, after an encounter with a homeless person, finds himself slowly but irresistibly succumbing to the sordid pleasures of life on the streets.

Directed and Photographed by Srinivas Krishna and C.E. Courtney
Screenplay by Steve Saylor
Edited By Srinivas Krishna
Starring:  Chris Emmanoulides, Antonia Carnevale, Joanne Burke, Michael Golub, Dan Levitt, Joe Marino and Genvra Saylor
© Srinivas Krishna, Steve Saylor and Temple University

New York Short Film Festival, 1988
Cleveland International Film Festival. 1988

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

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