Short Film (35mm, Color) 1999


In one hour, Nadia, who loves horses and Bollywood films, will glide into church to marry Henry, a man with a big heart, a safe job, and a formidable family. The only problem is Siddhartha, Henry’s best friend and Nadia’s old flame. Not until Sid finds himself fulfilling his duties as Best Man does he realize that the love of his life is about to leave him forever. With scathing irony, spectacular visuals and sensational music, this infectious comedy explores the fears, frailties and fantasies that conspire against our hearts’ truest desires.

Director: Srinivas Krishna
Original Screenplay: Nandana Sen
Producers: Bill Marks and Srinivas Krishna
DoP: Michael Spicer  Production Design: Astra Burka Costume Design: Lea Carlson
Editor:  Peter Watson Music: Cyrus Sundar Singh Sound Design: Alan Geldart Casting: Julia Tate
Starring: Nandana Sen, Srinivas Krishna, Bruce Davies, Barbara Gordon, Trulie McLeod, Martin Villafana

A Divani Films Inc. presentation of A People’s Republic of Film Production
Produced with the support of the Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council
© Divani Films Inc.


International Film Festival of India, 2000
Birmingham International Film Festival, UK, 2000
Sold To Star TV Network, Hong Kong and broadcast to 200mm viewers in 50 countries
Broadcast on CBC Zed in Canada and available on CBC Video On Demand