The Turned Head

Short Film (16 mm Color) 1989

Told through still photos and moving pictures, a Chilean political exile seeking asylum in the U.S. is betrayed by a dancer who seduces the chair of the university department where he teaches. Told through still pictures and moving images, this early film combines dramatic narrative with political meditations in a bravura display of formal ingenuity.

Producer, Director, Editor: Srinivas Krishna
Screenplay: Brian Singleton and Srinivas Krishna
Associate Producer Chris Emmanoulides
Assistant Director: Joanne Burke
Lighting: C. E. Courtney Camera: Chris Emmanoulides
Music: Ricardo Zohn
Starring: Henry R. Ford, Israel Torres Penchi, Johanika Roth, Alexandra Toussaint, Walter Smyth
© Srinivas Krishna and Temple University
Best Student Short Film, Chicago International Film Festival 1989

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

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