When The Music Speaks

13 Episode Performing Arts Series (Half Hour HD) 2007

This series is a survey of contemporary global music, the music of people who have been transported, transplanted or who have otherwise moved to the modern metropolis. Even as their identities are being transformed, so is their music — the sounds, the instruments, the musical form, as well as the performers, the performance context, and their audience. Artists today are challenging their traditions and stepping beyond their boundaries. Let The Music Speak explores this transformation of global music from the traditional to the modern, from the spiritual to the secular, from folk ritual to popular art and entertainment.
Three aboriginal musical groups are among the 13 brought together from across Canada for a showcase performance in front of an international audience.

Harmony Waussay Rice-Menominee is your host for this series of rare performances in Montreal.

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Executive Producer: Srinivas Krishna
Producer: Jay Bajaj
Director, Writer, Co-producer: Gail Maurice
Host: Harmony Waussay Rice-Menominee

Original footage of the bands was shot at the Exposed Roots Showcase Concert produced by the Canada Council in November 2003 in Montreal

Produced By Bajaj Krishna Ltd.

In association with

And with the participation of The Canadian Television Fund, created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Cable Industry.

Based on a concept originally developed in association with