When The Gods Came Down To Earth

About The Installation

Using classical Indian dancers, live action cinematography, stunning visual effects and vivid animations, Srinivas Krishna re-imagines the Hindu Gods in their most iconic and magical moments.

Visual Effects and Animation by Rune Entertainment.

GANESH | The Lord of Obstacles

Performed by Santosh Pisharody


KALI | The Goddess of Time and Change

Performed by Uupekha Jain

SHIVA | The God of Destruction

Performed by Chad Walasek

LAKSHMI | The Goddess of Wealth and Benevolence

Performed by Mala Pisharody

SARASWATI | Goddess of Knowledge and the Arts

Performed by Kalamathy Vageesan


Before the birth of the cosmos
Vishnu, the God of Existence, gave in to desire
Creating Brahma, The Creator, and Lakshmi, Nature and the Senses

Performed by Biplob Kar as Vishnu, Hiroshi Miyamoto as Brahma & Mala Pisharody as Lakshmi


A vision of Universal Being revealed by Krishna
To his friend Arjuna during a moment of doubt

Performed by Biplob Kar as Krishna, Junior Prasad as Arjuna & Rajesh Pisharody as the Visva Viraat Roopa