Waiting For The Mahatma

Feature Film (in development)


What if you could have prevented one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century but fate conspired against it?  The year is 1948, one year after India’s Independence.  On a fateful train journey, one man, Sriram, unwittingly befriends the man who will assassinate Gandhi.  Only too late does he realize that he had an opportunity to change the course of history.

Shortly after his release from prison, Sriram is traveling to meet his intended bride.  On the train to Delhi, he meets Vinayak, who is on his way to find Gandhi, whom he intends to murder.  A Tryst With Destiny cuts seamlessly back and forth between this historic train journey and the preceding six years during which Sriram and Bharati, a close follower and acolyte of Gandhi, live out a passionate love affair set against the backdrop of India’s Independence movement.

Based on the novel, Waiting For The Mahatma by R. K. Narayan

Director, Writer, Producer: Srinivas Krishna

Producer: Sherrie Johnson

A co-production of Divani Films and da da kamera pictures

With the participation of Telefilm Canada, Astral Media – The Harold Greenberg Fund, Seville Pictures, The Movie Network, Movie Central, and the CBC – © Tryst Productions Inc.