Lexx – The Dark Zone

Sci-fi TV Series 1998 created by Paul Donovan

A group of desperate fugitives from an interplanetary tyranny find themselves in control of a massively powerful starship.

The episodes directed by Srinivas Krishna were shot at the Babelsberg studios in Berlin.


(Season 2, Episode 2)
Original Air Date: 18 December 1998

When Stan operates the cryropod incorrectly, Kai awakes and accidentally injures him. After Zev gives a display of power, Stan is admitted to a hospital. A trio of doctors make grand plans to steal for Lexx for themselves. Zev loses her life saving Kai.

Director: Srinivas Krishna
Writers: Jeffrey Hirschfield and Paul Donavon

Episode Cast: Eva Haberman, Simon Licht, Ian T. Dickinson, Eva Ebner, Barbara Geiger,  Errol Shaker, Oliver Stern.  Tatjana Alexander

Stan’s Trial

(Season 2, Episode 6)
Original Air Date: 15 January 1999

Upon boarding the Celes Pleasure Transport, Stan hopes to get a hero’s welcome for destroying the Divine Order, but is instead arrested for the destruction nearly 100 planets.

Director: Srinivas Krishna
Writers: Lex Gigeroff and Paul Donavon

Episode Cast: Nina Franoszek, Harvey Friedman, Susanne Mentzer, Benjamin Sadler, Peter Scollin, John Dunsworth
Series Cast: Brian Downey, Michael McManus, Xenia Seeberg, Jeffrey Hirschfield, Tom Gallant

Executive Producers: Paul Donavon and Wolfram Tichy
Producer: Norman Denver

A Salter Street Films and TiMe Film und TV Produktion Production