Spicy Fusion

Pilot Episode of comedy TV Series 2003

A Pakistani radio announcer shares a downtown loft with his second wife (a true blue Canadian), their children from their previous marriages, and his mother.  What results is a hysterical comedy about cultural and generational clashes in a mixed up, all too real, contemporary family.

Director and Creative Consultant: Srinivas Krishna
Created by Azmi Haq
Written by Azmi Haq and Alex Ganetakos
Starring: Cedric De Souza, Malika Mendez, Nadia Capone, Sam Moses, Puja Uppal, Ryan Johnson, Michael Miranda, Jazz Man
Producer: Nadine Schwartz Executive Producer: Paul de Silva
© Fusion Pictures Inc.

Produced for Showcase and Sun TV (formerly Toronto One) with the participation of Telefilm Canada