Reviews Of Our Productions


— Guy Dixon, Toronto Globe and Mail

"He should take out a patent, you should take in his film."

— Rick Groen, Toronto Globe and Mail

"Filmmaker redesigns standards of style."

— Cameron Bailey, Now Magazine, Toronto

"Shows no restraint, takes no prisoners."

— Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

"Sheer unadulterated vigour and cheek … this writer-director-star is going places…"

— Derek Malcolm, The Guardian, London

"He might have you reeling, but it’s one hell of a nice surprise."

— Catriona O'Shaughnessy, Time Out, London

"A significant talent."

— Farah Anwar, Sight and Sound, London


— Stephen Holden, New York Times

"A… pop, bawdy melange of comic and hot-blooded daydreams… with attitude to burn."

— J. Hoberman, Village Voice

"Sardonic wit, a great sense of playfulness, and an imposing intelligence."

— Howard Kissel, New York Daily News


— John Anderson, New York Newsday

"Impudent…conservatives would doubtless see in him the purest distillation of their own paranoia."

— Ella Taylor, LA Weekly

"Humorous, and completely aware that even the tragedies of life are inherently comic."

— Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Enquirer

"A provocative blend of dramatic sense and comic zeal…As a director, he weaves strands of conflicting genres together with ease."

— Karen D'Souza, San Francisco Weekly